The Coin Starter Kit

The Coin Starter Kit is an introduction to the Hobby of Kings, with short biographies of some of it's famous devotees, their lives and the times they lived in.

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Build your own Treasure Chest

Download the linked template, print it out on cardboard, and build your own papercraft treasure chest to store your new collection in style.

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Information For Coin Dealers

The Coin Starter Kit provides a launching point for young people to get involved in coin collecting.

24 colour pages of content

Includes articles on famous coin collectors from history, and tidbits about their life and times - sometimes funny, sometimes morbid, as well as high resolution examples of relevant coins.

Promote your business

The reverse of the book contains a blank space for your coin dealing business to stamp your name and contact details to encourage new collectors to visit you.

Tailor your kit

We suggest adding a coin album, store voucher, or magnifying glass. A suggested half kilo of mixed coins should be included with each kit to kickstart the buyers collection - old penny's, foreign currency, or low value coins.

Attract young collectors and ensure the future of the hobby

Encourage new collectors to join the hobby - providing you with new customers and ensuring a healthy numismatics industry in the future.

Increase the turnover of your common and world coin stock

A convenient way to turn over low value stock in half kilo batches. Turn your excess stock into a promotional tool and increase the resealability of common coins purchased over the counter.

Become the go-to for a new generation of collectors

Getting new collectors interested in the hobby puts your business first when they are looking to aquire more items, and find out information on items they might find themselves.

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